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Welcome to Noble Packaging – Your Source of JEWELRY Displays and Gift Packing Solutions .

Noble Packaging has been a trusted name in the industry for over 35 years. We have a wide selection of Jewelry packaging products to please merchants and customers alike. From our economical to high-end gift boxes, we offer packaging solutions to suit every style and every budget, for wholesale or retail. Choose from cotton-filled cardboard boxes, velvet boxes, plastic boxes, leatherette boxes, wooden boxes, suede boxes, and more! Our aim is to combine the high quality and great value of our Jewelry packaging products with exceptional customer service: our team of knowledgeable sales representatives is always available by email or telephone to answer your questions, or at the Noble offices to show you our extensive selection of packaging and displays.

Vast collection of Jewelry displays

We also carry a vast collection of beautiful and functional Jewelry displays, including ring displays, necklace displays, bangle stands, pendant and chain trays, platform displays, and pedestals. Choose from a variety of display materials, such as leather, suede, gold trimmed, wooden, crystal, and more - with such an exceptional selection, we are sure to have the perfect Jewelry display for every need, from high-end boutiques to small home shops. For a personal touch, our Jewelry packaging and Jewelry displays can be customized and imprinted with your logo! With our huge selection of products, our great customer service, and our many options for customization, Noble Packaging is the premiere company in the Jewelry packaging and Jewelry display industry, offering you top quality products at the best value, through our catalogs, our online store, or at the Noble showroom.

Noble has every facet of the industry covered

Beyond our extensive Jewelry packaging, Noble has every facet of the industry covered, including the tools and equipment necessary for Jewelry design and repair. As every wholesale jeweler knows, beautiful Jewelry begins with quality tools. We carry an inventory of tools and equipment including buffs, burs, polishing and cleaning machines, geological instruments, specialty batteries and more. As your true partner in the Jewelry business, Noble has you covered every step of the way, from the jeweler's workbench to the consumer packaging.

Our selection of packaging and displays

At Noble, we understand that packaging is a large part of corporate image and customer satisfaction - this is why we offer gift and product packaging in addition to our selection of packaging and display. From shopping bags and gift bags to wrapping paper and ribbons, we have everything you need for the finishing touches on your gift wrapping and product presentation. We carry products for every wholesale or retail packaging need, including paper shopping bags, plastic shopping bags, pouches, wrapping paper, tissue paper, boxes, displays, and dispensers. We always have thousands of products in stock, and we can customize almost everything with ink printing, hot stamp foil printing, or silk screen printing - Noble prints in house, so you save! Printing your logo is a great, cost-effective method of expanding your brand image. For special product display or gift packaging needs, we can custom design new Jewelry packaging, gift packaging, or product display units for you.

Commitment to the environment

We understand that gift packaging and product display is a great place to demonstrate your commitment to the environment - check out our ZeroTree catalog for eco-friendly options for gift packaging, product display, and gift wrapping. We pride ourselves on offering sustainable, environmentally friendly options for everything from biodegradable or recycled material shopping bags to jute pouches and eco-friendly displays, all at excellent value and top quality. Whatever your gift packaging demands, we have you covered - at Noble, we want you to have it all!

Our commitment to quality with a commitment to value

Noble Packaging strives to pair our commitment to quality with a commitment to value: with our Super Savings Customer Program, you can secure existing customers and reach new ones! We are confident that you will be satisfied with the quality of our packaging and our customer service. If you are looking for professional gift packaging for your wholesale or retail business, Noble Packaging is the clear choice. Our knowledgeable staff are available to assist you in finding whatever products you need, whether it's in display, tools and equipment, findings, or gift packaging. Contact us today!
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